Mr. Muhammad Rizwan-ul-Haque – SEVP Merchant Banking

Mr. Muhammad Rizwan-ul Haque is an MBA from ‘Punjab University, Lahore’ with a major in finance. He has got 20-years of Investment, Corporate & Commercial Banking experience. Mr. Haque’s area of interest & expertise is; Corporate Finance & Restructuring, Corporate Management, Dispute Resolution and Islamic Finance. Mr. Haque is working for about eight years as ‘SEVP’ and as senior-most person in ‘FDIB’.

He is responsible for presenting the novel idea to settle outstanding liabilities of ‘FDIB’ against its assets, in view of severe cash crunch situation, since 2008. The implementation of the idea assisted ‘FDIB’ to settle with over 50-institutions for amounts valuing Rs.7.5bn (i.e. over 80% of total loans) in three and half years and ‘FDIB’ has successfully come out of the debt trap without any external financial assistance. This is an unmatched feat in global corporate world.

Earlier, Mr. Haque was actively involved in establishment of new entities including; ‘Dawood Islamic Bank Ltd.’ and Dawood Family Takaful Ltd.’ (DFTL). Prior to ‘FDIB’, Mr. Haque has worked with foreign banks and also with a renowned brokerage house. He has personal interest in ‘Islamic Finance’ and has done some independent work on it. Mr. Haque is also a director and elected Chairman of ‘DFTL’ (an Islamic Life Insurance Company), which is making steady progress.