Rafique Dawood (Chief Executive)

Mr. Rafique Dawood is Group Chairman of ‘First Dawood Group’ (FDG) and Chief Executive of FDIBL. He is the first M.B.A. graduate of Harvard University from Pakistan; he completed the degree in 1967, after becoming a paper scientist from Manchester, U.K. The latter qualification was necessary to operate one the then biggest paper mill in country i.e. Karnaphuli Paper Mills, Chittagong, East Pakistan (now Bangladesh). The renowned Dawood Group acquired the mill from PIDC in 1964, but the separation of East Pakistan in 1971 and later nationalization of industries in 1974 prompted Mr. Dawood to migrate to Canada and he did not return until the climate was made conducive for private enterprises in early 1990s. He initiated with a humble beginning by incorporating Dawood Leasing Co. Ltd. in 1994, which within a decade became an investment bank (FDIBL). In between, he acquired & merged over a dozen Modarabas and incorporated asset management company, which is turn floated three mutual funds, an equity brokerage house, an Islamic bank, a family takaful company, a wind farm in collaboration with a Chinese counterpart and also constructed a twenty storey building in the financial district of Karachi. Like all other financial sector businesses; FDG also came under severe liquidity crisis during 2008-09, but today all the group companies have recovered and paid-off almost entire liabilities. Mr. Dawood plans to continue expansion of his businesses and aims to specialize in real estate and power sector both as an investor as well as an adviser.